Donate now to provide necessary supplies for our Fosters image

Donate now to provide necessary supplies for our Fosters

Dogs need a safe and comfortable foster home to transition into off transport. The rescue provides kennels, food, pads as well as other items. Plastic trays break and aren't durable. The stainless Steel, 24 gauge trays will last much longer.

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DCCR Fosters need Metal Trays!

DCCR goes through hundreds of trays and wire kennels each year. We provide them to foster families along with other supplies to help rescued dogs transition after their long journeys into Colorado. Metal Products of Colorado Springs is a local company that creates products that are made to last. Their stainless steel trays have rolled edges which makes them safe and are silver soldered. These trays cannot be destroyed by dogs, provides easy clean up, and doesn't hold bacteria like the plastic trays do. They are 3 x's the price of plastic ones but are more durable so in the long run the up front cost will pay off over time. A giant tray is $96, a large is $90, and so on. We would appreciate your help and support in helping us provide quality products for our rescue dogs and their foster families. We would like to order 30 of them in the next three months. We appreciate all of your help and support. This is for an important cause and an essential item for the dogs. Crate training helps with decompression time, provides a safe place for dogs, and help with potty training.